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fandombrushes's Journal

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Welcome to fandombrushes!

fandombrushes is for those graphic designers, whether they're icons or banners or whatever, looking for brushes to use when they create their graphics. So what's the difference between any other brush community and this one?

It's only for fandoms.

By fandoms we mean movies, tv shows, bands, musicals, and books. Is there a movie you would LOVE to have brushes from that you can't find ANYWHERE for the program that you use? What about a set of lyrics? This is the place to find them! If they're not all ready posted by one of our makers, you can request them to be made.

1. In order to have posting access, you must be able to show examples of your brushes and answer a few simple questions. Please see the section "posting access" for further details. DO NOT REQUEST POSTING ACCESS UNTIL YOU HAVE ANSWERED THESE QUESTIONS.

2. The only way you can get away with posting icons, banners, layouts, or anything else besides brushes is if you have brushes in the post as well and they are being used as examples. If you like leaving little "signature tags" at the bottom of your post linking to your graphics journal, that's fine, too, as long as that's not what you mainly post.

3. Generally, as with most brush communities, you should give the following information about the brushes you're posting:

  • What size the brushes are- are they 100x100, or 250x250?

  • The song, album/singer, and any movie that lyrics (if you're posting lyrics) might be in OR the movie that the quotes are from

  • What program they're for, and if they would work with any other versions of it or any other programs. I.e. Photoshop 7.0, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS2, PSP 8, PSP 9, GIMP, etc.

  • If there's an image pack included and if there's a file such as .abr included in the download.

  • A link to where you can download the brushes

  • Who the person should credit

  • A list before the LJ cut with your brush of who the requests are for, if anyone

  • 4. Please keep a close watch on this post so that you can fill requests if you have the extra time to do so.

    If you would like to request posting access, please go here.

    The following is a list of important links, especially for the brush makers who want posting access.

    Request a brush || Requesting posting access

    To request a brush, please go here. Remember:

  • Your request should probably be limited to at least three at a time, but it depends on how many requests people are willing to fill.</i>
  • Please do not spam the request post with five billion comments asking when your brushes are going to be filled. When a brush set has been made for you, you will be notified.
  • You are allowed to ask a brush maker to make a set of brushes for you in a post they've made with their brushes. However, it is recommended that you first go to the post for making requests.

  • Danielle (_mysticdreamer)
    Jobs: Maintainer; memories and tags organizer; promotion

    AIM (AOL IM): JedioftheFlame
    Email: AWritersFantasy@gmail.com

    Want to affiiate with us? Great. Please go to this post and give us the information for your community.

    graficsanonymus- various Graphics and requests (with occasional resources); mainly post layouts, icons, banners, lovebars, etc. Sometimes resources. A bunch of requests.

    narniacast_icon- Narnia cast icontest.

    resourcelove- resources; occasional icontests and resource contests.

    Please help support our community by placing this code in to your userinfo, a post, or whatever. If you are just friending the community, show that you are a proud member and put it in your userinfo!